Elusive Rogue is written by a 23 year old female WoW player who offers her tips, advice, and comments on life as a rogue.

Azzarrea and her Wolpertinger.

Azzarrea and her Wolpertinger.

Azzarrea (80 Subtlety Rogue)
Herbalologist and Skinner

Azzarrea (“Ah-Zar-Ray-Ah”) is currently raiding Kara with her guild and enjoys collecting vanity pets.  She currently has 72 pets. Her favorite companion is her wolpertinger.

Taielsha leads her pack!

Taielsha leads her pack!

Taielsha (60 Beast Mastery Hunter)
Dragonscale Leatherworker and Alchemist

Taielsha (“Tie-L-Sh-ah”) is just heading into outland with her faithful pack: Shiro the ghostsaber and Iro the kitten.

Maielstra heating it up!

Maielstra heating it up!

Maielstra (Mage)
Tailor and Enchanter

Maielstra (“My-L-St-Rah”) doesn’t really have a plan, but really did you expect someone who can at a moments notice port from city to city to have one? Frost this, Fire that. Life is a party, and Maielstra doesn’t need no invite.

Alt: (Not Pictured yet)
Renaeka (DeathKnight)
Miner and Engineering

Bank Alt Mug Shots

Plus numerous Bank Alts running around.

Bank Alts:

Some were created specifically to be bank alts, while others are Alts in semi retirement until Tai and Mai level up higher.


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