FoKing Rogues

So initially I was let down by Fan of Knives, the level 80 AOE for Rogues.  It had a short intersting animation, but that was about it.  However, after a few weeks of playing around with it, I certainly am happy Rogues have an AOE now.

In its current incarnation it costs 50 energy, causes 100% weapon damage to targets within 8 yards and has a 10 second cooldown.

This has a few flaws. First, the 10 second cooldown is annoying when you want to use this ability back to back, as usually the Rogue is left standing autoattacking while waiting for energy to replenish and once the energy is back, there is usuallly 5-6 seconds left of the cooldown.  The second issue is for dagger Rogues, the 100% weapon damange is much less then Sword or Mace Rogues.

However in patch 3.0.8 it will be improved slightly.

Fan of Knives: The cooldown has been removed. In addition, now deals 150% of weapon damage when used while daggers are equipped.

So Rogues using daggers rejoice! Not only can you spam FoK, but you can now deal more damange! If you do not prefer to use daggers as your weapon, it might be benifitial to carry one with you, and create a weapon switching macro to use a dagger, cast FoK, and then switch back to your usual weapon. Since FoK is a huge energy dump you’ll have time to switch your weapons. A sample Macro could be:

/equipslot17 [dagger for MH]
/equipslot18 [dagger for OH]
/cast Fan of Knives
/equipslot17 [normal MH wep]
/equipslot18 [normal OH wep]

I’m not a theroy crafter so I don’t know the exact numbers but it may be possible that in patch 3.0.8 even with the 150% damange increase with daggers this may just about equal a sword or mace usage.

Now that FoK has no cooldown, how can it be used effectivly?

In PVP situations you can spam FoK to try to reveal enemy stealthers.  This can be particularly helpful in Areans now that the time limit is 45 minutes to help find your prey much faster.  This also means that as a Rogue, you need to be weary now of other Rogues so that you don’t get pulled out of stealth as well.

Grinding/Farming situations: I find it easier now than ever to farm mats or rep at 80.  Just run around or pull mobs to you with your ranged. Pop Evasion and then FoK, then get a combo point or two on one mob and Rupture or SnD. Move onto the next mob and do the same.  When you have sucifient amount of energy pop FoK again and watch the pretty death pile emerge.  Farming lower level mobs is usually the best for this style of grinding and if you are Sub Speced you can use Preperation to pop Evasion again. Or if you are like me and a Herbie pop your LifeBlood to sustain the killing spree.

Day to Day PVE: When out questing occasionally I’ve run into a situation where my Blind was on cooldown so I just decided to go all out, pop FoK and SnD and go all out on the multiple mobs.  The first time I was super surprised. Usually in that type of situation I would have been gavely injured or dead.  Another helpful situation is for quests like the Oracle daily, Masters of the Crystals.  If you don’t tap the mobs you don’t get to loot them, so poping FoK not only makes the mobs die faster, but lets you have a nice amount of sliver loot to pickup.

Group/Raid: This is where a Rogue can be a big help, or a major noob.

As this is our first AOE and so some Rogues may not realize right off the bat that AOE near CC is bad.  The good thing is our range isn’t that far, 8 yards. So if CC is kept away, FoK can be used safely in conjunction with CC. Don’t be the trigger happy Rogue who breaks a sheep or worse yet, your own sap. The last thing you want to hear in your raid is “Wow, that Rogue loves to FoK.”

Second thing to keep in mind is watch your threat. Most threat meters like Omen usually only show you your threat based on one target. So be aware of your tanks threat levels before you spam FoK. Running a recent instance I pulled some unwanted aggro by opening with FoK.  Either focus on one target and use Snd or use Tricks of the Trade on the tank first before you pop FoK to insure they get the aggro.

Speaking of ToT, this ability is best to Macro as well. I use this:

#showtooltip Tricks of the Trade
/cast [target=focus,help] Tricks of the Trade

This does require that you have selected your tank or appropriate party member as your /focus first.   And if you don’t see your ToT procing, double check you still have a focus.

However, once you learn how not to break CC or pull aggro from the tank, FoK is a big help with trash pulls and with the reduced cooldown it can be probable to have SnD up and then just spam FoK for instance trash.

And so all you Rogues! Enjoying FoKing your enemy!


~ by azzarrea on January 15, 2009.

One Response to “FoKing Rogues”

  1. IMO the largest problem with FoK is the energy cost. I’d rather have a 10 second cooldown than spend 50 energy.

    There’s no spamming an attack that takes 50 energy. You get two in before your energy is gone. What are you going to do with the rogue you just knocked out of stealth with 0 energy in the tank? I’ve tried hugging them to death, but that doesn’t work out so well.

    I think the range should be increased personally. A rogue with dirty tricks can sap you before you can knock him out of stealth.

    I’m not really trying to burst your bubble here or anything… FoK does really nice damage, it’s just too expensive IMO. Though I guess I should do some theorycrafting about it to find out how many targets it takes to make it a worthwhile ability in terms of damage per energy.

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