So my grand plan to blog fell through. My beta invite was worthless, the server kept crashing so I only played around with it for a few days.

I had a bunch of posts lined up, but found most of the information would be worthless post Wrath.

I also find most of the 51 point talents for Rogues “MEH”. I tried shadowdance and hated it, so now I’m using a HAT build. If I’m in a party with my boomkin friend its insane how fast I regen combo points.

I just hit 80 the other day, and eagerly went to pick up Fan of Knives. Don’t know what I was expecting but I was a little let down by the ability. Cool animation, just doesn’t last long.

Well now that I’m 80 I’ll start running heroics and hopefully start raiding soon. Not sure if I’ll be better at this blog but if I come up with something I’ll be sure to put it up, but for now I’ll hide in the shadows.


~ by azzarrea on January 2, 2009.

One Response to “DING”

  1. I was let down by FoK as well, it’s a waste of energy… CD and increased damage or not.

    The 51 pt combat talent is fun though, but I’m currently HAT as well. HFB is the best damage talent we got… but I have no desire to spec mut. ><

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