Photoshoot Completed

So my plan for this blog is to have a huge content/discussion post once a week, with minor or spur of the moment topics interspurced.

I had every intension of posted tonight, but got sidetracked with a few hours of screenshots and photoshop editing.   I now have some character portraits up on the About page of my Rogue and other alts.   I’m to much of a photographer/artist in real life, that I took a lot of time trying to find the right backdrop and positioning of the toons.

Azzarrea and her Wolpertinger.

Like take for intance Azz’s portrait. I wanted something elusive and mysterious. I wanted the atmosphere to be dark, but also pensive. I wanted it to seem as if that is where Azzarrea would go to think.  I also wanted to get her wolpertinger in the shot as well. Do you know how hard it is to get a pet in a flatering shot of a tall night elf? Ended up having them kneel so the camera angle wouldn’t be strange. (Got a few pst from people in the area asking why I was emoting to no one.) But I love how this one turned out.

I knew Tai would need to be outdoors in a forest of some sort.   But there are so many forests it was hard to choose one. Taielsha’s portrait was also hard because I had to contend with two moving pets. Fortunately Shiro could be put on Stay once he was in position.  But Iro the kitten had to be coaxed into place many times.


And lastly Maielstra was a bit boring at first even though she had the most different looks/abilities she could do. Since she is lower level, and it was very dark outside she was kind of limted on scenery options. I think she is a bit more classy than booty bay, but hey it was the best place with a view of the ocean and the moon. Finnaly settled on this shot as the fire has some really nice flare effects.

I know I’m a bit crazy for spending hours on these “photos” but I’m really happy with the way they turned out. Does anyone have any character portraits or sentimental screenshots they’d like to share?


~ by azzarrea on September 3, 2008.

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