Vanity Pets Are Made To Be Seen

I remember my very first vanity pets. A kind person had offered to give me a run through of Deadmines. This was probably the third week I had been playing WoW, just a few days after I had upgraded my trial account to a real account.  So I had no concept of how to really play. (The loot roll box confused the hell out of me.)  At the end he gave me the two most precious items from that run, which I still keep as a memento: A siamese cat and a red parrot.

Ever since then Vanity Pets were a love-hate relationship with me.  I loved how cute some of them were. I had fun dressing up as a pirate and roleplaying to myself that I was a roguish pirate.  But I hated how much space they took up. I ended up vendoring all the vendor bought pets, and kept quest or random drop pets.

Vanity Pets in Wrath
So I was extremely excited about the news that in Wrath vanity pets will be spells instead of physical objects that I have started collecting again.  I now have 54 pets and counting. I plan to get an addon or make a macro that will randomly summon a vanity pet when I’m questing or raiding once Wrath comes out.  Most pets are currently stored on my Rogue, and the others BoU are being held by a Bank Alt until Wrath.

I’ve recently been farming for the random drop pets and actually lucked out and got a Crimson Whelping to drop while grinding on my level 30 Mage.  I’ve killed nearly 5000 bugs trying to get the Firefly, I think at this point I’m just going to watch the AH and see if I can get it cheaper.  That what I did with the Dark Whelpling, I watched the AH every day, and found one with a bid of 900G (the going rate is usually 2500-3500). There are some really cute pets I’m resigned to never having such as the Panda, Hippogryph, or Poler Bear. But this time around I think I’ll get the Wrath Collector’s Edition so I can get my own little Frosy. Isn’t he cute?

For anyone else thinking about embarking on the insane desire to collect vanity pets I suggest  It has a detailed listing of every vanity pet in the game, including how/where to get pets and descriptions of the animation the pet does.  I also found joining and creating an account a helpful thing, as before I was trying to do it all in my head, and that method ended up with me buying a few to many copies of some pets.

I’m not really sure if I’ll take a fancy to the vanity pet items. The fetchable Ball looks interesting, but since it is a consumable I think I’ll do it a few times and then not deal with it.  I thought I wouldn’t bother with the Leash, however I love someone’s comment asking if it can be used on the Children’s Week Orphans.

Benefits of Vanity Pets to Rogues
While leveling up I rarely partied with or ran into other Rogues.  The ones I did run into either weren’t stealthed or were about my level and so I could see then while the were stealthed.  My best friend was a druid at the same level I was, and so whenever she went Cat I always could see her. I knew it was extremely hard to see Horde Rogues but I figured that everyone could see alliance Rogues/Druids when stealthed.

So it came as a shock one day when my tank friend and my best friend (the Druid) yelled at me not to pull mobs prematurely.  I had been pickpocketing mobs in the instance while the everyone manaed up for the next pull.  I was very confused, couldn’t they see I was just moving from mob to mob pickpocketing?  It was then I learned that when I moved far away in stealth, I was *shocker* elusive and hard to see.

I then realized the tactical use of vanity pets to Rogues and their groups.  By having an easy to see pet (either a big one like the Worg Pup, a flying pet like a parrot, or a very colourful pet) out while in an instance my party could see where I was wandering about.  It stopped the paranoia that my friends had that I would accidentally pull the wrong mob.

Drawbacks of Vanity Pets
While in group situations vanity pets are helpful, in PVP a Rogue having a vanity pet out is an example of Darwinism.

“Vanity Pets are made to be seen.  Rogues, good sir, are not.” Mcsquish on the WoW Forums.

Vanity Pets are very loyal creatures, they will follow the adventurous Rogue anywhere. While vanity pets do not aggro mobs like hunter pets do, vanity pets will follow stealthed Rogues and give away their position in PVP.

I don’t PVP much and when I do I never have a vanity pet out. Partly due to the fear I had while leveling up, that a Horde could come and kill my dear little kitty and it would stay dead. The other part is because people die often in PVP and the extra seconds it would take to resummon a pet every time would just be annoying.  I also don’t play on PVP servers so I don’t know what the recommendation for Rogues on those servers would be.  As my view of PVP is a horrific gankfest all the way up to level 70, if I was on that type of server I’d probably never walk around not stealthed and would never have a vanity pet out.

Solutions to Vanity Pet/PVP Problem
There have always been a few suggesting floating around the WoW Fourms with ideas on how to fix this issue.

  • When player enters stealth the vanity pet enters a stealth state as well.
    The problem with this is that it would nullify the tactical benefits when in a group.
  • Players of the opposite faction will not see vanity pets if the player is flagged for PVP.
    The only problem I can see with this one is that some (non-stealth class) players might get a kick out of riding into battle on their black war mount and have a vicious Worg Pup fighting at their side.

So I think with both of these options it would need to be a selectable choice in interface options, sort of like how Display Cloak/Helm works today.

  • Or maybe combine the two: when a player is flagged for pvp and goes into stealth, to members of the opposite faction it would appear as if the vanity pet stealthed as well.

The next question would be do these rules apply to all characters? Rogue and Druids are the no brainer here, but what about Mage’s Invisibility spell, or invisibility provided by potions? Or Shadowmeld for Night Elves?  Or the rumored Camouflage ability for hunters?

Maybe Invisibility wouldn’t count since it has always differed from what steath is in terms of definition and ability?  And really a Night Elf who shadowmelds in PVP is a sitting duck since they can’t move, but with a vanity pet out I’d agree that Darwinism here is warranted to teach them a lesson. And as to the Camouflage ability to hunters, we’ll have to wait and see about this one. If Camouflage only applies to the hunter and not the hunter’s pet (since only Cats can prowl) it would be a bit worthless to stealth a vanity pet if the main pet is still romping around freely.

While we wait to hear if Blizzard will ever fix this issue Rogues have only a few options:

  • Never ever use a vanity pet in PVP situations.
  • Use a Spirit of Summer, this pet has the distiction of being the only pet in game that can be summoned or dismissed while the player is stealthed.  So if you do find yourself in a sticky situation you can dismiss the pet and jump into the fray.
  • Use a Wolpertinger. Firstly what is more awesome than a killer rabit with fangs, hornes, and wings? And less important is that this pet can only be seen by party members or by drunk people.  And currently drunk detection isn’t the rage in PVP so you should be fine.

For me my favorite pet on my Rogue is her Wolpertinger.  I just think an animal that survives by being invisible and only seen by crazy drunks is the perfect pairing for a elusive Rogue.


~ by azzarrea on August 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Vanity Pets Are Made To Be Seen”

  1. Nice point about the tactical use of pets…most people don’t do that. Though you don’t completely disappear while stealthed, the translucent blue is really hard to see against the background of the Auch instances and Kara in particular. Having a pet helps so much! I like being able to keep track of party members, particularly when I heal.

    I still think your crazy for spending so much time getting pets…but they are really cute. Your crimson whelping is the best!

    Lvl 70 NE Druid
    Lvl 70 Human Priest

  2. My wife collects vanity pets. I’ve done a lot of grinding to try and get some of the rare drop pets for her (my rogue does that more efficiently than her resto druid).

    Her enjoyment of these pets makes gift giving easy at the holidays. She has a hippogryph hatchling from the loot card that was a gift, and there is a growing supply of other cards that the family can buy her.

    And there is even an Achievement in the WotLK for collecting pets!

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