Life in the Shadows

In a fit of madness I’m coming out of the shadows and relating a bit of my life as a rogue.

I am Azzarrea, a 70 Night Elf Subtlety Rogue.

Lets start with the basics. You pronounce it “Ah-Zar-Ray-Ah”.  The name came out of an ongoing fantasy story that I was writing with some friends some years back called Moonstone. I wrote for multiple characters, but the main ones were twins half human/half elves Kaiden (male) and Azzarrea (female). I’m a woman IRL so that was a major reason for my choice as well as the fact Night Elf males look horrendous.  In the story Azzarrea’s nickname is “Rea”. I didn’t know the WoW law that your name will be shorten to the first 3-4 letters. If I had known, I may have taken away one Z, as my guildies occasionally type out “Hey Ass” instead of “Hey Azz”.  Weather by mistake or design I’m not sure.

I’ll be honest, when my best friend started playing WoW I begged her not to. I said she would get sucked in, that she’d ignore everything else and just focus on the game and we’d stop having anything in common. After a month or so of her playing I couldn’t follow the conversation any longer. Druid this, Storm Wind that, Moonfire, etc. I was lost. I realized I’d have to figure out what the hell she was talking about so I reluctantly agreed to try out the game.

So my friend suggested I’d play a Rogue “because they can go invisible and sneak up on people, and I think that would be perfect for you.” And well she was right!  The first few weeks were a bit shaky, as with a trial account I was severely limited in what I could do. (I remember I was to low to hunt the mobs for the XMAS cookies, and since I was on a trial account no one could trade with me so no XMAS quests for little Azz.)

But after the first month I was digging it. My friend knew me so well. If I had started out as a tanking class or a healer I probably wouldn’t have kept with the game. Even a hunter would have been too much for me, as in the beginning I didn’t know what abilities were, I just knew if I hit the numbers keys 1-0 stuff died. (Yes sadly, I didn’t even know what combo points were for the early levels. Had to ask my Druid friend when I noticed she only had them in Cat form what they were for.)

For my half of my Rogue leveling experience I didn’t have any guide whatsoever. I just kind of pushed buttons and stuff died.  Later I started realizing what buttons to push and why. And it wasn’t until near BC levels that I started to read resources about Rogues and learning to play my class well. Sadly I didn’t find great WoW resources like until level 69. Oh and I was the first of my friends to hit 70. (I had become the addicted one, not her.)

Now leveling completely blind did give me plenty of Noob moments and hard lessons, but it also forced me to learn my class on my own and I learned it well. I play a subtlety Rogue, now raiding Kara two nights a week and looking to move onto Gruul’s Lair and ZA.  Yes I know tons and tons of people will say X build is better for raiding, but I’ve out DPSed a combat Rogue with better gear than me so I think I’m doing okay for myself.  I also manage my threat extremely well, and I’m not a liability to my healers. As my Druid (and her Priest Alt) friend says “I love having you in a raid. Your a great DPS, you don’t pull aggro, and I don’t have to worry about you much as you know when its better for you to bandage yourself or when to click on the lightwell.”

I’ve also become a sort of shepard of confused Rogues, such as discussing the uses of different poisons to a random Rogue in trade channel, to explaining how to be a Subtlety Rogue to a guildie that switched from being a long time Combat Rogue.  I love my class and proud of my spec!

The server on which I play, Kael’Thas, is blessed with many talented bloggers out there aiming to share their insights of their class. My favorite would be the great BigBearButt Blog, who’s been inspiring others to start blogging about their experiences such as my former Guild Leader Grai. So I’ve decided to share my little insights on being a Rogue. I’ll also throw in other articles as I level up other toons. (See the About page for information on my other toons.)

Looks like Life in the Shadows is not going to be as mysterious as it was before. ;p Hope you enjoy the blog.


~ by azzarrea on August 27, 2008.

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